Creating A drug free marion

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About Us

Teens Against Drugs was created in 2013 to support the community during the drug epidemic that has now taken well over 100 lives. Teens Against Drugs hosts many events throughout the community such as Day of Hope and others, we also provide students support by being an outlet in the school building by working with school administrators to let students come together in a peer to peer environment to share stories the struggles that drug abuse brings to the home. 

About the Founder

Anthony Miller founded Teens Against Drugs in June of 2013 when his mother came clean of her addiction after being arrested. He resides in Marion with his family and two dogs. Anthony plans on majoring in social work in order to help those like his mother. During the last few years, he has been very active in the community being awarded the Presidental Service Award (2017), serving on several boards on the city and state level, and working with community leaders on ways to change the stigma associated with addiction. 

photo courtesy of Heather Brutchey-Smith