Creating A Drug Free Marion



Community Resources

We will connect you with valuable community based resources to help with drug abuse prevention and support. 

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We host several events throught the year and hope to do more with the help from community members like you!

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Student Resources

We will work with the schools to help students impacted by drug abuse to help them succeed in their educational career. 

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Giving Thanks in Recovery

"For some people, Thanksgiving is great. They look forward to a long weekend of relaxation, eating well, and seeing family and friends. For many others, the holiday can be a stressful, unhappy event. A person or family who is dealing with addiction may face a host of issues during the holiday season.

Sometimes, friends and family members are suspicious and wary of the addicted person. They may have been hurt in the past by trusting and believing that the person was sober, but relapse happened and things went downhill. Most of the time, family and friends are afraid of being hurt or lied to again, so they keep their distance or don’t talk to the addicted person much. It’s hard to blame them for that; it can be a painful thing to be lied to or taken advantage of.

"Try to point out positive qualities in your addicted loved one, because often they can’t see them. By doing this, you help them experience true relationship."

The key for the addicted person is to expect these normal reactions from people close to them. If you have struggled with addiction, you are going to need to show people that you have changed by your behavior, not just your words. You may get frustrated, but if you keep it up, people will see the changes and begin to trust you again. “The proof is in the pudding” applies here. Walk the talk." - AddictionCenter

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